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react-use is a collection of essential React Hooks that cover a wide range of functionalities to enhance the development of React applications. These hooks provide reusable logic for common tasks such as handling state, managing side effects, and interacting with browser APIs. While react-use offers a comprehensive set of hooks, there are other libraries in the React ecosystem that provide similar functionalities. Here are a few alternatives:

  • react-hooks is a library that offers a variety of custom React Hooks for different use cases. It provides hooks for managing state, handling form inputs, and more.
  • react-use-form-state is a library specifically focused on form state management in React applications. It provides hooks to simplify form handling, validation, and submission.
  • react-use-gesture is a library that offers hooks for gesture recognition in React applications. It allows developers to easily implement touch and mouse gestures for interactive user interfaces.

Check out this comparison: Comparing react-hooks vs react-use vs react-use-form-state vs react-use-gesture.

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Collection of essential React Hooks. Port of libreact.
Translations: 🇨🇳 汉语

npm i react-use

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